N2P Controls’ Telemetry Module

telemetry board
The N2P Controls telemetry module is designed to be a versatile telemetry unit that can be used in many applications. Some of them include pump monitoring, tank level alarm, temperature alarms, remote start/stop of motors etc. It has two digital inputs, two digital outputs and a serial communication portal. The module allows for automated SMS notifications for any application that can give a digital input such as pump failures, temperature warnings and the like. The SMS function is compatible across all New Zealand and Australian networks. The N2P Controls’ telemetry module designed for a simple interface with a wide range ... Read More

Peter Crane does it Again – the Tahitian Escape

Most people think of tropical beaches, cocktails and bikini’s when you mention the word Tahiti. Not N2P Control’s Peter Crane! He’s thinking asphalt automation and laying airport runways in Huahine with his unique skills for this industry. Recently JB Le Caill, one of the largest Construction Companies in Tahiti, insisted that Peter Crane be recruited to upgrade their Almix Plant’s control system. Considering they were laying asphalt for the airport in Huahine, and the very strict standards required by aviation authorities, JB Le Caill knew that N2P Controls smarts would ensure their asphalt was up to standard. They already have ... Read More

Judgement Day on Groote Island – the story of smarter Asphalt

When Frank Italiano of AAA Asphalt (aaa-asphalt.com.au) struggled with the automation of his portable asphalt plant, he asked around as to who would be the best person to help. The Brazilian Manufacturer of the plant couldn’t offer a solution in a timely manner, but one name kept coming up, Peter Crane from N2P Controls. Peter is well respected in the industry throughout NZ, Australia, Pacific Islands and parts of Asia. He has years of experience in working in this industry and is typically the ‘go to’ guy for any curly issues - and given this 100Tn/hr mobile plant was needed ... Read More

Christchurch’s Waterloo

Waterloo Business Park is a new industrial subdivision in Christchurch that can source its own water from its site via a bore. They contracted Tim Bloy of WaterPro to help design a WTP to meet NZ’s Drinking water standards. WaterPro approached N2P Controls to supply the Electrical Smarts and Automation for this project. WaterPro liked the package solution N2P controls offered, from design and build of the MCC (Motor Control Centre), Automation of the plant, remote monitoring and alarming of the plant, and installation. N2P Controls was able to offer the design and build service for a 250A MCC that ... Read More

Telemetry – Talking machines that make you money!

Telemetry is a relatively new technology that allows your machines to communicate. Tank Empty? Pump Fault? Silo nearly empty? Why not let them tell you? Yep, machines that talk to you - it’s like A Space Odyssey 2000 (well, not quite)! The future of automation is two-way communication between your plant/machinery and you/your staff. A major step in this direction is Telemetry. N2P Controls are pioneering this remarkable and highly profitable advancement in technology. Imagine the impact of being notified of key operational events as they occur, being able to enable machinery remotely and capturing all the necessary data - ... Read More

Sure to Rise

N2P Controls was the aspirin for George Weston Foods National Projects Manager’s headache – an out-of-date controller for a factory critical mixing plant. Client: George Weston Foods Project: Flour Mixer Controller Replacement PLC programming HMI design and programming MCB design and build Operation manual written Wiring and circuit diagrams Download this case study as a PDF (600KB) Background George Weston Foods (GWF) are a multinational company manufacturing and supplying a wide range of food products to New Zealand and Australia. At their factory in Wiri, they had a very old Electrical Controls Systems (ECS) weigh station that formed an integral ... Read More

Lighting up the Afterburners

N2P Controls and Bitumen Equipment’s heavy industrial experience and expertise in asphalt manufacturing helps improve the efficiency at Downer Work’s asphalt plant in Hamilton. Client: Bitumen Equipment Project: Downer Works Hamilton Asphalt Plant Improved plant efficiency Improved plant performance Energy savings Operator friendly PLC interface Download this case study as a PDF (900KB) Background Downer Work’s Hamilton asphalt plant is a Bitumen Equipment designed and built plant. Bitumen Equipment has manufactured most of NZ’s new asphalt plants over the last 20 years. A vital part of these plants is the automation that allows the continuous manufacturing process to produce high ... Read More

Automating Product Load-Outs

N2P Control’s software programming capabilities have helped save their customers’ time and money by automating product load-outs. Client: Any that dispatch product via truck or tanker Project: Automating product load-outs Load-out Software Docket printing Job Management Integration with MRP software PLC/HMI programming and supply Remote connectivity Full package solution Installation and Commissioning Download this case study as a PDF (1.5MB) Background Many companies and industries supply their product to customers via truck or tanker deliveries. This typically involves an operator supervising delivery of a product into a truck or tanker, recording the amount added to the truck/tanker, printing a docket ... Read More

OEM Controllers for any application

With N2P Controls’ innovative engineers, and bulk purchasing ability, they can design and build an OEM controller for any application. Background The design and manufacture of OEM Controllers is one of N2P Control’s core activities. Due to the number of controllers manufactured every year, they are able to command excellent buy rates from their suppliers, and these savings are passed to their clients. N2P Controls’ engineers have experience in designing and building electronic and/ or electrical controllers for a wide range of industries. N2P Controls have supplied controllers for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. The applications include designs for load ... Read More

Helping Turangi Meet New Standards

 With N2P Control’s Chartered Process Engineer’s help, Hynds Environmental wins their first major package water treatment plant project. Not only can N2P Controls offer Electrical/Electronic automation design assistance, but can help with process engineering design, therefore, offering a fully package solution. This package solution helps give our clients a competitive edge. Client: Taupo District Council Project: Turangi Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Unitronics PLC & HMI Telemetry Download this case study as a PDF (2.4MB) Background Turangi is located on the southern end of Lake Taupo. The region around Turangi is known for being The Trout Fishing Capital of the World. ... Read More