ANZAC Ingenuity for Smarter Aussie Wastewater Management

The ANZAC Spirit is something Aussies and Kiwis secretly cherish. On the surface we’re prone to giving each other a hard time, but when we hear the call to battle, we rise as one, brothers and sisters united. Whilst it might not be as significant as a World War effort, we recently teamed up with our friends across the ditch to help solve a problem in a leading Membrane Wastewater Treatment Plant. Cairns-based Recycle Water Solutions approached N2P Controls to develop the smarts for their membrane wastewater treatment plant. Wayne Gill, the owner of Recycle Water Solutions, is known as the ... Read More

N2P Controls helps settle the dust at Fulton Hogan Hamilton

The dust was flying over at FH Hamilton and the situation was intolerable. One of the major causes was the disjointed remnants of a previous upgrade that saw two different control systems from two different suppliers. These two just weren’t playing nice and the result had the team out there sucking in dust all day. So who do you call when the dust just won’t settle? N2P Controls of course! We brought in our A Team, partnered with long-term Asphalt partner, Bitumen Equipment and went to work solving this problem for Fulton Hogan. The outcome involved putting in a dust feed ... Read More

Advanced Productivity and Safety in Material Loadout

N2P Controls has over 30 years experience in loading out material. Our BC404 is a legend in the Asphalt game. Our credentials in this area are unmatched. So to ensure we remain the firm go-to partner for clients who work in material loading, we have just upgraded our weighout software system. We’ve engaged software architects and User Interface designers to ensure the application is more intuitive and handles the needs of modern equipment. The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with any N2P Control’s proprietary hardware as well as PLC/loadcell based systems via Modbus. It will also integrate with accounting ... Read More

Teamwork Keeps Brinks Outta the Sh#t

Brink’s know chicken. They’ve been putting chicken on the plates of kiwis for over 60 years. Their primary operation in Christchurch has over 25000 chickens. You could just imagine how much effluent that is...sorry, but we had to go there for this story! Brinks recently engaged local Wastewater gurus Apex Environmental to help them come up with a better wastewater solution for the operation. Given our long-standing partnership with Apex and our previous success in this area, they brought us in on the job to help with automation of the wastewater solution. We created a fully featured PLC/HMI solution which ... Read More

Botox for and old Asphalt legend

Our BC404 is a legend. It’s been the backbone of asphalt production in NZ and Australia for nearly 30 years. By and large, the BC404 hasn’t changed much in that time, with a shift from DOS-based software to Windows representing the biggest change it has seen. Testament to how robust the BC404 is, there’s still some kicking around making perfect asphalt, boasting the old DOS-based system! The BC404 is such a critical part of the asphalt making process, the idea of messing with it isn’t one we’ve considered lightly. The BC404 controls the feeders to a very high accuracy and ... Read More

Do you like Apples?

I don’t know about you, but I prefer mine without Glycol. Anyone involved in refrigeration knows that a glycol leak in a cold storage facility is no laughing matter. Recently, innovative plumbing/gas fitting company Aquaholics ( were asked to assist on a large-scale cold storage installation. They wanted a smart solution to manage the scenario of a glycol leak into the condensation discharge water at the facility. They’d heard about our smart solutions from our network and asked if we could help. Our task was to ensure that in the event of a glycol leak, an alarm should sound and ... Read More

Smarter Windfarm Management

telemetry board
Hynds Pipes Petone branch, with the help of John Bradford, recently won a small but complex project to supply the wastewater treatment facility at a new wind turbine facility (West Wind) operated by Meridian Energy. Hynds not long ago had their commercial wastewater plant successfully complete the OSET trial at Rotorua and used this technology at the West Wind site to ensure the stringent treatment levels were reached. But there was one area where Hynds looked to N2P Controls to help solve a geographical problem. Due to the remote nature of this plant, ongoing management of the plant needed to be able ... Read More

Worth the Weight

When ordering and collecting asphalt, it’s vital for both the manufacturer and the customer that trucks are loaded with a high level of precision. Too much asphalt in a load can create profitability issues and wastage, too little can leave customers high and dry; and fuming. Higgins are a leading civil construction business in New Zealand and to those in the industry, a household name. So it was important that they get it right at their asphalt delivery centres in both Napier and their brand new plant in Christchurch. They needed a state of the art solution. Given our long-standing relationship ... Read More

Wastewater par excellence

Eco-business is big business. Companies are facing increasing pressure and corporate responsibility to ensure they are employing environmentally friendly practices wherever possible. During his recent Oscars win, Leo DiCaprio admitted, climate change is the single biggest issue we face as a species. A pretty big call for an actor...nonetheless, N2P Controls are all about creating efficiencies and utilising technology to make sure businesses are making more from less. So we were very excited when recently one of New Zealand’s leading wastewater companies approached us to help Auckland’s newest golf course ensure maximum efficiency in their water management. Apex Environmental ( ... Read More

Leading the way in pump controls

After two years of extensive R&D, we are proud to announce the release of our new Universal Controller. This innovative, best-in-class device is our response to demand from the market for a simple controller with broad application and extensive functionality. Typically, the Universal Controller would be applied to Low Pressure Sewer and Dual pump applications, however, there is a far broader opportunity presented by this unique device. The Low Pressure Sewer offering allows for both progressive cavity pumps and centrifugal pumps. The Dual pump application allows for Duty/Assist/Standby control with up to 4 discreet digital inputs for level control. Some of the highlights of this device ... Read More