The Muhammad Ali of Pump Controls

Muhammad Ali used to say he had a big mouth, but whatever he said, he had the skills to back it up. Our heritage is in pump controls and we have a solution for every possible requirement; starting with very basic controls right through to our industry leading Ultimate Pump Control (UPC). We are always seeking to improve our products though, and in terms of Pump Controls, our controllers will soon come with Alarm Units as standard. This can be used in any application that has a fault condition, not just pumping. For example: High level alarm Low level alarm ... Read More

Looking after the Black Gold

OH&S. On their own, pretty harmless letters really. Put them in this particular order, and every site manager starts shifting nervously in their shorts. To be fair, it is generally something we all like to stay on top of, and when the plant is running well, it seems we are staying on top of it. But holes in our OH&S measures generally don’t reveal themselves until after something happens. By then it’s too late. More often than not, it comes down to human error too. Put aside the costs and reduction in productivity involved, there can be some serious risks ... Read More

Controlling 2.5 Million Tonnes of Booze

Methanex in Taranaki are New Zealand’s only producer of Methanol. Methanex in Taranaki are New Zealand’s only producer of Methanol. Methanol is used in a wide variety of products and plays a major role in construction and infrastructure. It is also a clean fuel alternative that is gaining popularity; essentially, its alcohol! Methanex can manufacture up to 2.5 million tonnes of Methanol annually, 95% of which is exported. It’s fair to say that they’re a large operation. Recently, Methanex engaged Hynds Environmental to assist with their wastewater treatment. Given the volatility of their product, the engineering standards for treatment of ... Read More

I Found a Hundred Billion Dollars on the Road in Malaysia

Hundreds of billions of dollars are currently being poured into road construction in Malaysia right now. According to, Malaysia is one of South-East Asia’s fastest growing infrastructure zones with the export of local produce into China responsible for much of the investment. So, it’s a pretty good time to be in Road Construction. Strangely enough, wherever in the world there is a need for asphalt, there’s a need for N2P Controls. Malaysia is no exception. Our Sales Manager, Niki Johnstone, recently had the pleasure of visiting one of our best Malaysian distributors, One Stop in Kuala Lumpur, to look ... Read More

Fulton Hogan Gisborne wins!

It’s true what they say, “first in, best dressed”. Fulton Hogan Gisborne had an old problem. But, it wasn’t a problem that had been around for a long time, it was that their control system was unreliable, because it was old. The rest of the mechanics of their Asphalt Plant were still in good nick, but the controls were letting them down. They sought out Ben Hanrahan from Fulton Hogan Electrical to see if he could make hide of it. Given our previous success with Ben in much larger scale operations, he carefully analysed the situation in Gisborne, and got ... Read More

Fast and flexible, off-the-shelf PCB’s can increase your profits!

As most of you are already aware, we are industry leaders in creating PCB’s for smart controllers. Our products use the latest technologies, including smart phone management of your plants key functions, remote notifications and alarms, two-way SMS interaction, advanced safety and efficiency smarts and more. Our products use the latest technologies, including smart phone management of your plants key functions, remote notifications and alarms, two-way SMS interaction, advanced safety and efficiency smarts and more. It seems the word is spreading also, considering the increase in customer orders for our PCB based controllers of late. It means we now have ... Read More

Lesson 1: Know Your Sh!t

One of our largest clients, Hynds, was recently contracted by DMS Progrowers to install a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTP) in one of their Packhouses in the Bay of Plenty. DMS are one of the largest kiwifruit management companies in New Zealand with around 500ha of kiwifruit farms under their professional management. Nobody knows how to control WwTP Management like we do, so it was a simple decision for Hynds to have us design and build the smarts for controlling the new WwTP. Due to our extensive experience in this space, we were able to quickly design, build and deploy a ... Read More

N2P Controls – Calm Under Pressure

One of the largest construction projects currently operating in Canterbury is the Central Plains Water Limited Scheme, which has a current estimated construction cost of $385 million. Stage 1 alone irrigates approximately 20,000 hectares of farmland in the Canterbury Plains in an area bordered by the Rakaia and Hororata Rivers. How is it achieved? This is done via a piped reticulation system distributing water to the farm gate at a pressure of roughly 40 head metres. Where gravity does not provide adequate pressure, three pumping stations have been installed to boost line pressure. Within each station, vacuum pumps are used ... Read More

The ALL-NEW BC404 – a look under the hood.

Our legendary BC404 unit has now evolved into the MC404; and this new iteration is rapidly nearing completion. We’ve had the designers work up the User Interface (UI) to ensure a familiar and intuitive experience meanwhile adding all the new technology. What this means is that people who are familiar with the BC404 will see a very similar looking and functioning interface with the MC404, yet should easily be able to understand and use all the powerful new features. So all you old dogs out there won’t have to learn too many new tricks! The code monkeys have now got ... Read More

Work in Wastewater? Imagine This.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a wastewater controller that told you when an alarm happened, what the alarm was, when an alarm was cleared, plant run times and current settings? Imagine if that was all possible via a button on your phone. This would catch out ‘forgetful’ home-owners that claim their alarm hasn’t been going off for the last week causing damage to their pump. It would also make servicing much faster and easier - no more writing out service sheets that get lost or are difficult to read because they’re covered in dirt. No more having to fiddle ... Read More