N2P Controls Boosts NZ Tourism

Nelson is a beautiful part of New Zealand. Nelson’s beautiful lands receive the most sunshine on average, are home to the oldest craft brewery in the country and deliver some of the most impressive wines around. As enticing and glorious as all these things are, they all fade into comparison now that we have installed an MC404 into Fulton Hogan Nelson. We are certain this will become one of the most notable features of the area drawing tourists from far and wide! The Fulton Hogan Nelson Asphalt plant have just upgraded to N2P Controls’ MC404 hardware and software, replacing the ... Read More

Pump Controls R Us

Our Pump Controls business is scaling. It seems the hard work, dedication and years in the industry have resulted in a growing reputation for delivering the best-in-class for pump controls. We offer a wide range of pump controllers from the simple high/low level alarm unit, to municipal quality, high current, cabinets required by local councils/water authorities, and everything in between. We have several ‘out-of-the-box’ products for more typical solutions and can build custom pump control solutions specific to your station’s individual needs. In fact, we’ve been able to deliver solutions to some of our customers who found themselves in very ... Read More

Sometimes it’s good to suck at some things

N2P Controls has recently been engaged by FloVac, the leaders in vacuum sewer technology. We are assisting with the controls package for two of their plants that are being installed in the greater Auckland region. FloVac have been pioneers in vacuum sewer technology for many years. They are a worldwide operation with installations spanning from New Zealand and Europe, to the Middle East. Vacuum sewer technology involves sucking sewer from vacuum pits, back to a central vacuum pump station (VPS). It is ideal in flat terrain where gravity pipes need to be installed deep into ground. Pits are installed in ... Read More

N2P Team to Rock Sydney in August

We are excited to announce that N2P will be exhibiting at the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) conference in Sydney from 18th to 21st August, 2019. The AAPA is the peak body representing the Flexible Pavement Industry in Australia, and they’re committed to the interests of members, networking and communicating issues of national importance. It will be the first time N2P have exhibited at the conference and to celebrate, we’ll be launching our new asphalt controls specific website. We’ll also have a demo of the MC404 on display where people can run the feeders of an asphalt plant and then ... Read More

Our Definition of Quality

N2P Controls are truly developing into an International company, taking Kiwi ingenuity and hard work to the world. We ship products and software to some of the most exotic and populated places on earth. If something  turns up, and it’s not as designed, the costs for us and our customers can be very significant. We’ve worked very hard and are very proud of our growing reputation for delivering products and service to the highest standards in every industry and market we reach. The reason for this is our unwavering focus on Quality. To us, this isn’t just a sales or ... Read More

s’il vous plaît aider

You might need to copy and paste that into google to get the translation. But if you speak French, you’ll know exactly what this means. It came down the phone line into N2P HQ recently when a customer in French Polynesia (Interoute) reached out to us about an Asphalt Plant that wasn’t running as efficiently as they wanted. The supplier of the plant, unfortunately, tried to fix the problem but had not delivered a satisfactory outcome. Interoute’s technical advisor Stèphane had met Niki Johnstone on a trip to Auckland just over a year ago and was impressed by N2P’s superior ... Read More

CATIE Meet World. World Meet CATIE

The world is making technical advances at an astonishing rate. Every industry you can think of is being impacted. As technology advances, our ability to do more with the time we have also advances. We are more informed, more capable and more effective. The result? The goal-posts keep shifting. What was once considered superhuman, is now the norm. As you and your competitors adapt and implement new technology, what is considered standard shifts. If you don’t embrace the change, you run the risk of your competitors gaining a competitive advantage, of being able to do more for customers, of being ... Read More