All the Data, All the Time
That’s it, the bottom line. Automation is one of the best ways we’ve seen to reduce the cost of sales. We often get asked “Can you automate [insert brand/make/model of machine]?” Whilst this seems like the logical place to start, when it comes to automation, the type, brand or model of machine makes no difference.

That’s the wrong question to be asking. The right question is “Do we understand how the plant operates?” By understanding how the plant operates, we can uncover the opportunities for automation and the appropriate application of our controllers and smarts to automate or alarm, improving operational measures, reducing manual operations, errors, wastage, labour; driving down the cost of sales and thereby increasing profits.

As an example we have over 30 years experience in understanding asphalt plant operations. Our projects have involved automating a wide range of different asphalt manufacturers’ plants including Ammann, Marini, Ciber, PPP, and Bitumen Equipment. Given this experience and knowledge, we are experts at learning any asphalt plant process and finding ways to improve automation. In every case, the success of the project is the result of spending time at the start of the process understanding how the plant operates – when motors start, which belts need to be reversed, how are the hot bins filled, what safeties are in place etc. Our breadth of experience with a range of different plant manufacturers, puts us in a unique position of knowing what questions to ask to ensure our clients get the best result from their automation investment.

When you entrust N2P Controls with your Plant or Factory automation upgrade, you can rest assured that we will invest time at the front end of the project and ask the right questions, making sure you get the full benefits at the end of the project. Think your site could benefit from automation? It’s probably a lot easier and more cost-effective than you think. Why not get in touch with one of our sales team to find out how we can help. Call (09) 570 1919 today to get the ball rolling.