Asphalt Plant Controls & Automation Systems

Does your asphalt plant need better quality control methods?

Is your asphalt plant unreliable? Too many breakdowns? Is out-of-spec product becoming a regular headache? Worried you need a new plant? N2P has options to help with all this without a costly rebuild.

N2P Controls are specialists in providing solutions to help you get better results from the asphalt plant you have. Our innovative approach delivers solutions to help plants, modern or pre-digital, work more efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

N2P Controls also have a new monitoring and service programme that can help spot problems in your plant and production line before stoppages and re-work cost you big bucks.


Thinking of replacing obsolete asphalt control systems?

The key to improving productivity is being able to monitor what a plant is doing in real time. For many older systems, the level of digital data available to plant operators is minimal. If you can’t measure what is happening, you have zero control and are effectively operating in the dark.

N2P has developed a new software interface called CATIE. CATIE facilitates digital monitoring of systems built in the pre-digital age and this gives you control over your plant. This radically extends the life of equipment and also introduces greater safety, reliability and efficiency to older systems. CATIE is easy to integrate and operate and N2P offers full training and support. 

Find out more about Catie here.

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Our solutions provide the upgrades, with minimal downtime

Any changes to a working asphalt plant can impact profitability. We have streamlined installation of our systems for minimal downtime. We have completely overhauled systems in as little as 10-14 days.

Once operational, our systems will actually help you minimise and manage downtime in the future. Our software generates data that can warn operators of quality issues and plant irregularities before they cause unplanned outages or out-of-spec product that can cost you big bucks.

Before you commit to any upgrades, or capital expenditure,

we offer a free plant audit to identify areas that we can improve for your Asphalt plant.

Find out more about our Free Plant Audit   FREE PLANT AUDIT