All the Data, All the Time
On the surface we’re prone to giving each other a hard time, but when we hear the call to battle, we rise as one, brothers and sisters united. Whilst it might not be as significant as a World War effort, we recently teamed up with our friends across the ditch to help solve a problem in a leading Membrane Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Cairns-based Recycle Water Solutions approached N2P Controls to develop the smarts for their membrane wastewater treatment plant. Wayne Gill, the owner of Recycle Water Solutions, is known as the go to guy for all difficult, or large, package wastewater treatment plants due to his in-depth knowledge of wastewater and his experience in membrane and other wastewater treatment technologies. Wayne has taken the challenge to deploy a state-of-the-art membrane wastewater plant throughout Australia. Given that the solution required state-of-the-art, Wayne called N2P Controls to ensure the controllers for the plant were up to the task.

We designed a custom controller with a 4 line LCD screen that displays plant operation, a 4 layered menu tree for configuring outputs, identifying input states, viewing current draws, viewing alarm history etc. For heightened security, the controller has password protected access to all the setup parameters including numerous timers, cycle numbers etc. It’s also highly configurable and can be run in several different modes by the push of a button. This solution has reduced overhead and complexity by incorporating the functionality of several different controllers into one integrated solution – a bit like a master remote for the telly, dvd player and set-top box; but on a much, much bigger scale!

The controller can also link with N2P Controls’ telemetry module and can therefore communicate to remotely based operators.


The system will send out text messages (to up to 3 different numbers) for alarm notifications and allows for operators to text back to determine the source of the alarm!

This two-way communication reduces the need for physical intervention over alarms and reduces operational costs by not requiring a team member to rush to the site whenever an alarm sounds! Needless to say, Wayne was seriously impressed.

We have really enjoyed the trans-Tasman partnership formed with Recycle Water Solutions and look forward to a few visits to Cairns during the NZ Winter. What N2P Controls can bring to the table is not only electronic and programming smarts, but an in-depth knowledge of the wastewater and pumping industry. We’ve worked very hard in this market and are tremendously proud of our reputation as the go to team for controls in the pumping and wastewater field.