Like most businesses around the globe right now, N2P Controls has been subject to staff shortages. The combination of Covid and record low unemployment has made it increasingly difficult to find good assembly workers to put together the electrical componentry units used in N2P’s asphalt, water, and pump station controls.

But with increasing demand for all of N2P’s controls, the units have to be built! That’s meant a lot of overtime for existing staff – even managing director Niki Johnstone has been helping out on the shop floor!

N2P Controls is all about problem-solving with innovative solutions, so it wasn’t long before the team came up with a creative solution. A conversation with a client triggered the idea to trial outsourcing the assembly work to retired contractors. “The client had a family member who was happy to help out and before long, by tapping into grey power, we had five assembly workers making our units from home,” says Niki.

N2P has created in-depth manuals for its contractors, and each unit is thoroughly tested and put through extensive quality control checks when they’re returned to the factory. 

And it’s a win-win all round. The units are being built to a high standard by retirees with time on their hands, they’re making an extra income, and N2P’s customer demands are being met.

Looking for part-time work?
If you or someone you know is good with their hands, has time to spare, and would like a little extra income, please get in touch. This type of work would suit mechanically minded retirees, or those who are looking for part-time work that can be done from home.  

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