All the Data, All the Time
Our credentials in this area are unmatched. So to ensure we remain the firm go-to partner for clients who work in material loading, we have just upgraded our weighout software system.

We’ve engaged software architects and User Interface designers to ensure the application is more intuitive and handles the needs of modern equipment. The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with any N2P Control’s proprietary hardware as well as PLC/loadcell based systems via Modbus. It will also integrate with accounting or ERP packages to automatically send loadout data to your system allowing automated invoicing within hours of loadout. Eventually, the new system will also integrate with N2P’s recently upgraded BC404 software, for either continuous or batch processes.

The upgraded weighout software also boasts built-in truck safety modules to protect drivers for drive under silos installed in a series.

The features and safety smarts of this upgrade have been enough to convince Road Science, whose drive for continuous improvement in productivity has resulted in them engaging us to install the new software into their asphalt plants throughout New Zealand. Since the software is 100% designed in-house, we have the ability to customise installations to suit the idiosyncrasies of any particular site.

The software is adaptable enough to manage any size operation from simple single silos to multiple loadout applications with interlocks. We strongly encourage any clients in the material loadout game or any potential clients in this field to make a time with Niki Johnstone today to discuss how this clever bit of gear could make big improvements to the productivity and safety of your operation.