All the Data, All the Time
For the following 4 days, one of the worst fire atrocities on record racked the City as firefighters fought hard to contain one seriously damaging bushfire.

In the midst of the damage was newly opened Christchurch Adventure Park. The park offers everything from a picturesque cup of coffee to some of the best mountain biking and zip-lining in the country. The park had only been open a couple of months when the fire struck. N2P Controls were a part of the original opening having supplied several controllers for their wastewater treatment plant and pumping stations. Once the damage from the fires had been repaired, the Park re-opened bigger and better than ever. N2P were again involved in the re-launch, with the supply of upgraded waste-water pump controls. MD Niki Johnstone was on-site to help with the design and build for the monitoring system. The automation and smarts of the monitoring station mean less man-power is needed ongoing, allowing the Park employees to get on with what they do best.

In spite of the enormity of the tragedy the Park faced so early in its life, the local community have embraced the Park with such vigour, its popularity has soared beyond any of the originally forecast numbers. It’s easy to see why, with outstanding customer service, long mountain bike runs, great zip line excitement, and arguably the best coffee in ChCh!!