All the Data, All the Time
They wanted something that could be set to very accurate timings for a pumping application where they wanted to dose load a treatment plant. Nothing in the market really suited their needs or came in a form that was practical; being either too big/cumbersome or requiring expensive modification.

N2P Controls solved this problem by developing a fully-enclosed unit that held the right smarts to handle the job. It works like this:

  • An LCD display shows the current On and Off time, what cycle is active and how much time is left on the current cycle
  • The unit allows setting of asymmetric times ranging from 1s to 999m:59s
  • An optional start/stop input to start the timing sequence
  • An override input that will bypass the timing sequence and energise the output
  • Fully-enclosed in a polycarbonate unit with flange mountings to allow easy installation
  • The unit can be branded with a company logo or other information as required

The timed outlet controller ended up being very cost effective. The unit also exceeded the customer’s requirements and expectations resulting in a considerable order to run them as a standard unit in their larger treatment plants. We have had a significant response from businesses which has already led to other applications outside pumping.

One such application is for the in-line cleaning of filters. In this system, a pressure switch triggers the timer, which then activates the backwash sequence to clean the filters. After a defined period of time, the unit reverts the system back to normal operation; completely automating a process that had previously been done manually.

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